how to measure your ring size?

  • the first step is to get the materials required : you can either have a small piece of string or a piece of paper


  • the second step is to cut the string around 150 mm long
  • if the string is not available, a piece of paper about 150 mm long and 6 mm wide also works
  • wrap the string or paper around the finger (have a friend help if necessary)


  • wrap the string or strip of paper around the finger you want the ring for, pulling it snug but not too tight
  • mark the spot where the end of the string or paper overlaps
  • remove the string or paper and measure
  • now you can use the measured finger extent to find your ring size in the chart below. for example: you measured 53 mm, your ring size would be 53
  • round up to larger size if necessary
  • if the string method falls between two sizes, choose the larger size for the ring