the ceo and founder of SaM Jewels, sabrina mittler has been working in the jewelry and accessory business since the age of 18. in 2007 she started an apprenticeship at a traditional goldsmith and jeweller. after gaining some work experience the designer strengthened her knowledge in a contemporary jewelry studio. the variety of the handcraft and design made her pursue academic studies in applied art & design at the university of applied sciences düsseldorf. during that time travelling and different sights of the world influenced her designs. photography became a major part of the design process. several visits to the united arab emirates and oman inspired sabrina mittler to collect various images of the middle eastern art, culture and nature. ornaments as well as natural textures find their way into the designers world. after sabrina finished her academic studies, by receiving the diploma of art, she moved to the multicultural dubai in the uae. there she started up her own label.
SaM by Sabrina is a way of discovering the middle east through sabrina‘s eyes.

thank you for being a part of our world.


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